Ceinwen Haydon

Backlash from Nowhere?

I look over my shoulder,
backwards, scared.
That ferocious northern boy,
he’s gone for now.
My back loosens
and the fear recedes, for now.

I cannot go back to
my home country, for now.
War pushed us from
the olive groves where
the ripe fruit goes unpicked
for now, rots back to mulch.

This new background
to our lives, alien, insecure
and so cold, for now.
Dreams backlog in clusters,
grapes bunched and lush,
hold us steady, for now.

That boy who backtracks
to follow me, is dreamless,
shrivelled by despair, for now
backed up by hate.
He sees me lost, but jealous
sees I have a world to lose, for now.





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