Susan Castillo



World Federation Wrestling is a power game,
medieval morality play where Good and Evil
collide in sparks.  Eighties Villains were all Russians,
most of whom called Igor.  Then the Gulf War brought us
Ay-rab Villains, turbaned, truculent, Other.

Oklahoma marked a change. McVeigh was a down-home
white boy, not castable in this role.  We then saw
Black Urban Villains, like Ko Ko B. Ware,
fluent agile  rapper with a parrot on his head.
You really couldn’t make it up.

Now the Villains are in power.  Politicians on all sides
stir up loathing.  Newspapers spew out bile.
The scapegoat this time, against whom no holds are barred,
are those with different accents, other ideas,
people who don’t hail from here.

To see the losers in this crucial match
that means the world to all of us
look hard into your mirror.



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