Jane Fuller



(Our day out at the book festival) 

I heard my brother asking why when we go anywhere
there are lots of funny people who just stare and stare
Mum said we’re both so handsome
that it stops you in your tracks, you really cannot help it
and these are all the facts.
But now and then I wonder if she really can be right
as you often jump away from me as if you’ve had a fright.
I can hear you say I’m special though I’m not sure how that feels
and there’s loads of little buggies so it can’t just be my wheels.
You must have spent a fortune on your trendy clothes and hair
just to look a bit unusual or as different as you dare.
I’ve no problem being ‘different’ there’s no issue with that word
content to stand adjacent to the mediocre herd.
Though there is a little something, I don’t want to sound mean
but if I had a little mirror you’d appreciate the scene.
You all look so very scary with your eyes held wide apart and
your zombie fixed expressions like you don’t possess a heart.
I’m scared you might be coming to nibble out my bones
or pick over my carcass like a gang of angry crones.
Or that you’ll use your legs things to suddenly run amok
because your zombie goggle eyed gawping has somehow just
got stuck.
But what’s this? A girl and boy who smile to say a sweet hello
and with that each gawping zombie head boils over and explodes.
They don’t mind it when I dribble they don’t care that I
can’t walk. They just like it when I giggle and use my grin to talk.
Like me they just like stories and the magic power of books
and the spells within their pages keep us safe from zombie looks.

So instead of goggle eyed gawping, practise smiling come what may
be genuinely unusual and never jump away.



  1. you captured that feeling of being gawped at very well with these lines I’m scared you might be coming to nibble out my bones
    or pick over my carcass like a gang of angry crones.” A good flow to the rhyme as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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