Nick Cooke

All Those Against

They are swarming in
gulping our honey

They are swamping us
stifling our breath

They are thieving jobs
and hospital beds

They are squeezing the State
with knotted fingers

They are raping our girls
at the point of glinty knives

They are spawning babies
just to get homes

They are dancing with others
of the same gender

They are posing as women
but were born as men

They are telling us the earth
is not a pancake

They are talking of Darwin
like some kind of God

They are dressing their women
like daughters of Jezebel

They are wearing beards
over faces of smiling deceit

They are hoarding the gold
in their Jewish gabardine

They are buying the guns
we need for our protection

They are bombing our hearts
right out of our chest

They are asking for it
in skirts up to their navels

They are tearing us to bits
feasting on the scraps

They are writing a warrant
for the world as we see it


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