Jane Burn

As if They are Normal Folk

Shops.!!!!!!Imagine them wanting
shops.!!!!!!Wanting to buy stuff!!!!!!as if
they are normal folk.!!!!!!Wanting to be
just like us,!!!!!!with our popping out for bread
and milk,!!!!!!fags, sweets, biscuits, pop.
Whatever.!!!!!!Imagine them needing
food like that.!!!!!!Libraries.!!!!!!Imagine them
wanting to read.!!!!!!As if they care about words,
want to educate!!!!!!their children, pass
the time.!!!!!!Time on their hands?!!!!!!What
do they want time on their hands for?!!!!!!Surely
they should be out!!!!!!working or something else.
Cafes? Cafes?!!!!!!Like they are bothered about
meeting up, sharing conversations,!!!!!!maybe even
make friends.!!!!!!!As if,!!!!!!as if it is
fucking Butlins!!!!!!!I mean, are they ever going to
go home if!!!!!!they’re living in some sort of
holiday camp?!!!!!!They have a nightclub now.
A nightclub.!!!!!!Imagine them wanting
to sing and dance?!!!!!!Kara-bleedin-oke?
We like our revellers British, ta very much,
our piss-heads!!!!!!local.!!!!!!This church,
this beautiful, fragile, plastic sheet and wood-slat church,
painted up with illuminated angels, simple cross on top.
What the actual?!!!!!!These scroungers are not
Christians.!!!!!!Step off our white-skinned, fair faced
God.!!!!!!!Swathes!!!!!!!Swathes of them.!!!!!!!Rats.
Well done France,      Stephen from Rugby says.
Londonzone – hiding under an alias is brisk.!!!!!!!Good.
The comment crows.!!!!!!Now finish the job.


Written in reaction to a story from The Daily M**l about the bulldozing of the settlement at Calais.



  1. You’ve examined uncomfortable truths here in a very affecting and smart way. I love how your sentences are like headlines and how it gets more ludicrous and unhinged as it progresses but more real and truthful also which is tragic. Words can be weapons and yours are sharp little daggers. I adore it.

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  2. Strong words that really show that the people in the camps are just like us, have the same dreams, hopes needs. They have tried to make the best of awful living conditions, to make it into a village and now that is being destroyed, what little dignity they have taken away. What right do we have to do that? What right to act from a false position of superiority?

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