Laura McDonald-Amurun


A thunderclap follows
The boom of bodies and metals
A sodden mixture of
Blood, sweat and tears
Frozen and mute
The star watches the deeds
Of they that love her
She bids the moon see
The proof of man’s aged foolery
Shocked, the moon recedes
Garbs itself in mournful woe
One wiser than both
In the ways of puny man
Tells of the split
That owes its lethal being
To a twist of ego
And boundless conceit
Where self is esteemed
And wisdom dragged
In the dust of limitless sands
Of inferior intelligences
A sphere is built
Where blind ego
And even blinder presumption
Sit down to judge away
The lives of better men
With heartfuls of hatred
Mouthfuls of blasphemy
And a morbid knack
To inspire pain and horror
You trudge on hopes
Break hearts
Scatter pleasures
And summon misery
To those of unlike mind
Already the carcass
Of the grilled and shredded ghosts
Of your bloody heroics
Rise up in rebellion
To the sky and wind
They weep blood and blackstone
On your dead achievements
For they bear no semblance
Of moral sanctity
The star and moon
Caprisoned in a dark splendour
Of passionate scorn
Receive the petition
Of your accursed attitude
Of your delusive protest
And petulant defiance
For by your lack of love
You distort the divine example
And at the very sight
Of your sullied hands
Good departs
And evil stays put


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