Wilderness Sarchild

Stereotyping Is A Psychological Disorder

My friend is fat,
even fatter than that.
People stare,
it’s not fair.
She was starved and bullied
and raped on a dare.
You think she just eats
more than her share.
People, we all breathe the same air!
So how about let’s try to care???

My daughter’s friend is super thin,
determined to be
as thin as a pin.
Isn’t that how she’ll win?
She’ll look like Barbie’s twin?
What makes girls think
again and again
that carrying our weight
is a sin, is a sin?
My head is starting to spin
cause I know this is no-win,
no way to begin,
to teach girls to starve
and then if they binge,
to purge it all up
and start over again.

Some skin is brown and some is black,
some more red, and that’s a fact.
So why was there only one called flesh in the sack
of crayons that hold 1000 colors in its pack?
The darker the skin, the more one does lack,
according to bigots who like it like that.
It’s a culture of hate that wants a master race,
who believes they must attack
and stab people of color in the back.
Steal them, enslave them, hang them on a rack,
call them ______________!
and other words like that.
and, I ask, who here is the maniac???

She likes girls, he likes a boy,
they don’t mean to annoy,
just want to feel the joy
of loving who they love
without being destroyed
by a man who calls it a sin
and shoots them dead again and again
49 times because they’re gay,
he justifies them as his prey.
Folks, we’ve got to find a way
to teach that love is here to stay,
to end the violence this very day.

You say
she’s too fat or he’s too thin,
she has a beard on her chin.
That one has too big of breasts,
the other is missing a breast on her chest.
Radiation has taken her hair,
he is hairy as a bear.
Come on people, what’s the deal?
Is being different a reason to kill
with a word, a stare,
a lack of care,
come on people if you dare
to be fair,
to love what’s rare,
whatever they wear,
whatever their hair.
Do not compare
or declare or feel despair,
just repair,
Beauty is everywhere.



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